Measuring for Gas Logs

Measuring for Gas Logs is one of the easiest things someone can do. All you need is the print out below and a measuring tape.

If you are in the market for gas logs then you need to know how to measure for installing gas logs. Because almost all fireplaces are tapered (front width larger than back width) the most critical dimension for sizing is the Middle Width Dimension of the fireplace.

1. You need the front width of your fireplace box. This width is from the front left side to the front right side of the fireplace.

2. You need the back width of your fireplace box. The left back side to the right back side.

3. You need the depth of your fireplace box. The depth is from the front to the back of the unit. Must be at least 12"

4. You need the Height of your fireplace box. The height is the bottom to the top of the fireplace box. Must be at least 16"

5. Add the front width and the back width; then divide by two. This is the Middle Dimension!

Example: Inside Front Width: 42" + Back Width: 24" = 66"/2 = 33'

33" is the Middle Width of your fireplace.

6. You need the location of the Gas Stub. The gas stub is location is where the gas comes into the fireplace box. It will be on the left, right, rear, or Floor.

7. You must always allow sufficient space from all parts of the set to the sides of the fireplace. 4" total is recommended for adequate combustion and ventilation air.

And last is the gas type. Natural or L.P. or propane.

If you are using a safety pilot kit allow 3 inches on each side and if you are using a remote control system allow 6 inches on each side of the logs.

How to measure for Gas Logs. Click Here

Measuring for Gas Logs

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